Is it Worth Changing Career to get more Pay?

Many of us are not really happy with the amount that we are paid. Wages and salaries have not risen a lot lately and even if they have now started to rise again, many of us feel that we are worth more than we are getting paid. Even if we move to a different job within the area that we are trained, we may find that we cannot get much more. It may just be that we are working in an area that does not pay well. This means that we could be tempted to change our career so that we can get paid more. This could be a risk though and it is worth thinking hard before doing this.

Consider what other careers you could do

So the first step is to think about what other careers are available to you and whether they will pay more money. It could be worth looking at a careers website to get help with this. They will have details of lots of different jobs and how much they pay as well as what qualifications and experience you need to do them. This should help you to see the full range of options available to you and will allow you to pick something which suits your requirements.

Would you be happy in that industry?

It is worth thinking about whether you would be happy in a different industry or following a different career path. Try to get a s much information as you can about what the job would involve so that you can decide whether it is what you want to do. If you can, it may even be worth trying to shadow someone or at least contact someone about their job so that you can find out more about it. Often the way a role is described is very different to what you will actually eb doing day to day and so it is good to find this out of you can.

Is the increase in pay guaranteed?

It is also worth doing a lot of research into the pay. You need to be absolutely sure that the pay will be higher than what you are currently doing. If there is any doubt then it may not be worth the hassle of changing careers. You may need extra money to help towards paying off loans and bills, so you can save towards retirement or something like this and if you go to a lot of effort to change careers and find that it was not worth it then you could end up being very annoyed.

Is the job secure?

It is also worth trying to find out whether the job is likely to be secure. It may depend on the company, but think about whether it is a job that is likely to be needed into the future. If it is something very specific then it could be that something else may overtake it. Consider the future and whether you think that there will still be a need for this job in the future. This can be particularly hard to do if you are young and have not seen lots of change so it might be worth discussing it with someone older who might be able to use their experience to make a more educated guess.

Is expensive training needed?

Some career changes will need you to get some qualifications before you start. You will need to look in to this and think about whether this is something that you are prepared to do and whether it is something that you can afford. You will probably have to pay for any training you want yourself as if you are changing career your current employer is unlikely to help. Unless you are moving into a public or civil service role then the government is unlikely to pay for any training either. This means that you will need to consider how you will afford any training and whether you think that it is worth the cost.

Is it worth it?

There is a lot to consider and only you will really be able to decide whether you think that it is worth it. You need to think about whether you are willing to take the risk, whether there is an alternative career that you will enjoy and if there is training needed. It is a big jump, but many people do it and so it could be worth talking to people you know and seeing if any of them tried it and how it worked out for them. Go through all of the pros and cons so that you can really work out if it will be right for you. Also, if it does not work out, do not be afraid to go back to your old career, it can feel like you have failed if you do that, but better to have tried and realised it was a mistake than to keep pushing on being unhappy.

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